What are you paying for?

  • an unbeatable first impression
  • more time to concentrate on what you do best
  • professional and friendly service
  • investment in yourself or your business
  • more shareable content
  • more website traffic
  • an increase in enquiries and, ultimately, sales

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Ok, here’s the nitty-gritty:

I charge a flat fee for my services, so you know exactly how much the work will cost from the outset.
Every project is different, with an individual target audience, purpose, format and deadline, but here
are some examples to give you an idea of what your project will cost.

Example prices:

  • Proofreading a 15-page product brochure: around £220
  • Proofreading a 5-page employment contract: from £110
  • Editing a 12,000-word ebook: around £550
  • Editing your LinkedIn profile: from £45
  • Localising 2,500 words of website copy: around £120
  • Localising text and images for a fashion app: from £45

Minimum charge: £30



On-site work

If you need it, I’m also happy to work on-site for you, which is charged at a rate of £275 per day.
Contact me to schedule your project (ideally around 4 weeks in advance).




  • Payment is to be made within 14 days from receipt of invoice
  • A deposit may be required for new clients and upfront payment may be required for small projects
  • A surcharge may be applied for non-editable files, in-depth research or urgent projects
  • Regular projects can be paid for on a retainer basis


For a chat about your project and a free quote, get in touch:


038 07957 408687

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