Before getting in contact with me about a potential project, you will undoubtedly have questions.

Take a look at this FAQ to see if I can save you some time.


How can I hire you?

Easy peasy: just get in touch! Your best bet is emailing me at megan@speechmarksproofreading.co.uk, but you can also catch me on +44 7957 407687.

To get a speedy quotation, it’s a good idea to let me know:

  • how long the text is – am I dealing with 500 words or 500 pages?
  • what it’s about – is it a press release or a dissertation?
  • what it’s for – teaching children or marketing your products?
  • when you need it – tomorrow or 3 weeks’ time?

I’m flexible and can easily adapt to your needs. Some of my clients only need a one-off edit; others need proofreading on a regular basis. I’m always happy to discuss your individual situation, so contact me to see what I can do for you.


How does it work?

  1. Pre-project consultation a.k.a. friendly chat. I will look at your text, taking into account the subject area, format, urgency and complexity of the project. If I am not the best person for the job, I will happily point you in the right direction.
  2. Quotation and terms. If I am suited to the project, I will send you a detailed quotation and my terms of business, which I will need you to confirm in writing (an email is fine) before work can start. In some cases, you may also be required to pay a deposit or settle the amount in advance to get the ball rolling.
  3. Getting on with it. I may come back to you with questions during the project, as collaboration ensures the best possible finished product. To this end, I may ask for details of a contact for queries.
  4. Delivery and feedback. I deliver the final text to you, on time and on budget, and ask for your feedback. I am committed to creating and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, and your satisfaction is paramount.
  5. Payment. After delivering your perfected text, any remaining balance must be settled within 14 days.

Get in touch to hire me.


How long will it take?

I am extremely thorough in my work, but years of experience mean that I am also very efficient. Here is a basic turnaround guide:

  • Up to 7,000 words of proofreading per day
  • 5,000-6,000 words of localised content per day
  • Timescales for editing depend on the extent of revision required

These figures are subject to viewing the text in question and my current availability.

Contact me to schedule your project.


What do you charge?

I charge a flat fee so that you know how much the work will cost upfront.
Every project is different, but take a look at my pricing page for examples. My minimum charge is £30.

Contact me for a chat and a free, tailored quotation.


Why should I hire you?

Because you like how I write. Because you recognise what I have to offer. Because you’ve read what my clients have to say about working with me and you want the same quality, friendly service.

Whatever your reason, get in touch to find out just how good your text can be.


Can I find you elsewhere online?

I’m all over the net! Find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, the list goes on…
I also have a blog about my translation business, and have been interviewed by several colleagues about my career so far.


Can we meet to discuss my project?

Generally, I would rather talk about your project via email, as this ensures that both parties know what’s what. If you’d prefer it, though, we can have a conversation using Skype or over the phone. I am happy to offer in-person meetings for locally-based clients (travel expenses may apply).

Want a meeting? Let me know when you’re free.


Still have questions?

Contact me for a chat or a free quotation.

036 megan@speechmarksproofreading.co.uk

038 07957 408687

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